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You may know her from the American documentary 'Hungry for Change' and 'Food Heals' Podcast... Evita Ramparte is a European Journalist, Bestselling Author, Podcaster and Wellness Expert; a Health Coach to Celebrities & CEOs. She is a Karezza Teacher helping men and women to become the best lovers and the best leaders.

In 2000, she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and instead of seeing it as a death sentence, she chose to see it as a wake-up call for transformation. She healed herself naturally by following a strict cleanse protocol, a high carb raw vegan diet and a profound spiritual awakening. She lost 83 lbs in just a few months; became a model and a trend-setter in the booming wellness industry. Since then, she has spent years of independent research into health, personal development, sexuality and neuroscience. 

Today, she is raising the discourse around the taboo subject of sex, intimacy and sexual wellness. She is helping men and women to channel their sexual energy into the Heart, boost brain performance, establish hormonal and emotional balance, and fortify their commitment to create true love, prosperity and extraordinary greatness.

Evita Ramparte holds a Double Masters, is a Public Speaker and International Bestselling Author of 'The Bliss of Cancer', 'Badass Detox' and 'Viva La Cleanse'.

Evita resides with her family in San Diego, California. She holds double MA Degree in Comparative Studies of Religion and a Post-graduate Degree in Journalism and Mass Communication. She is a former journalist, TV reporter, and European contributor to Newsweek and Cosmopolitan.
Woman Cured Cancer Naturally & Found Her Bliss
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The Bliss of Cancer
How I Cured Cancer Naturally, Lost Weight And Turned My Life Around
It could be the most controversial book ever written on the subject of cancer. They say that there are no accidents in life. Even a random stranger might have a message for you that is life-changing. This is what happened to author Evita Ramparte, who tells her fascinating and inspiring story in a way that might also change your life! The Bliss of Cancer is about turning what some may think of a dire curse - a diagnosis of cancer - into the best thing that ever happened to you, as it forces examination of the cause of the disease and the subsequent releasing of every toxic element in your life (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) - thus learning to live in a whole new way, a blissful way. This book asks the questions: What if cancer is an opportunity for you to heal yourself and change the world? What if you can walk away from the traditional protocol of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, and heal without the horrendous side-effects of this toxic assault on your body? And what if using the techniques the ancients knew about non-harmful methods of healing offered benefits so profound that you might one day bless the cancer that opened your eyes and your mind to the best way to be alive? 
Badass Detox
Total Reset. Reclaim Your Body. Reclaim The Planet
Looking at pictures of myself now is like a time-warp from past to future. Occasionally we ask ourselves when feeling low, what is my potential? Looking at myself now, I know my potential was so much higher than what I thought. I broke through plateaus I didn't know existed and came out stronger on the other side.
I used to think that partying, and superficiality made someone a badass. Following those trends never makes you feel warm inside. You feel withered and old, now I feel young and full of vitality. Buck the trend, detox your body and mind. Start living the life you deserve. It's your birthright!
Viva La Cleanse
How I Lost Weight, Got Healthy & Found My Beauty
For the first half of her life, Evita Ramparte was an obese, depressed, sad woman with acne on her face. In 2000, she was diagnosed with a terminal diseaseand instead of seeing it as a death sentence, she saw it as an opportunity for transformation. She healed herself naturally by following a strict protocol of intermittent fasting, a high carb raw vegan diet and spiritual healing. She lost over 50 lbs, became a model, health journalist and wellness guru. Today, Evita Ramparte is a Health Coach to Celebrities & CEOs, Business Mystic and a Force for Transformation. Among her private clients are Hollywood celebrities, wives of billionaires, entrepreneurs, executives and CEOs of 500 companies. In her ebook, the European Health and Beauty Guru, is sharing her secrets for health, fitness and ageless beauty, so now you can be empowered and in charge of your own transformation. 
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